… goals why make them, when you can break them? The “art of goal setting” came up in a discussion with a client last week. What we noticed after hours of introspection and self reflection, is that sometimes, against our best intentions, we simply set ourselves up for failure. No matter how smart, educated, trained […]

On motivation

… what next? We all know, people can be internally or externally motivated. Before getting into a debate of which is better, I want to state, that both are valid and acceptable. It just depends on our personality type. I remember, while I was still in a leadership position, being an internally motivated person, I […]

IN or OUT?

…the way out of the darkness A while back I was talking to a friend about “visibility” in the market. No matter what profession you might represent, we all know, that if you are not making yourself visible (especially online), you are pretty much inexistent. The scope of the discussion was not to state the […]

The ID and the EGO

… about how the mind wanders​ A few days back I participated in a workshop, where the trainer presented the Dilts pyramid. Seeing the ID at the top of the pyramid, I started wondering what the pyramid would look like, if at the top would be the EGO. It must be said though, that the […]

Conflict? Don’t tell me what to do!

… when the receiver is not tuned to the emitter frequency A client describing a conflict situation: — Imagine, last week there was a situation, where I told a colleague about a problem I am having. He didn’t even hear me out, and he was already like: “do this, do that, than go there, and…” […]


… about our autopilot: freedom or failure? “You can’t go out and play, until you haven’t finished your homework!” — I heard my mom say so many times, during my childhood. True, that I have slammed each door on my way to my room — just so she can sense my dislike, the result was […]