What is a microtraining?

Microtrainings are bite-sized learnings, specially designed for today’s needs. Gone are the days, when companies can expend the luxury, of sending their leaders to off-site trainings for multiple days. Even there, where this is still in practice, the learning efficiency is extremely low, as leaders are called away on an hourly basis to handle operative tasks.

This is why I design short, to the point trainings of only a couple of hours, over a longer period of time. This way, leaders can apply the learning in real-time and are supported by coaching to address the issues faced.

All sessions are planned online. For customisation needs, please get in touch below. 

Example of a Microtraining® program

Tailored to your needs

With tailored microtrainings, I specialize in addressing your unique organizational needs. But to kickstart a development program that really makes a difference (not just burning training budget), I need your input:

  1. Your Goal: What are your targets? How are they aligned with your development plan?  

  2. Your Problem: Identify the challenges that you are facing. Whether it’s communication bottlenecks, skill deficiencies, or operational hurdles, I’m here to find a targeted solutions.

  3. Timeframe: What is your timeline? Whether you need immediate interventions or a long-term strategy, I’ll propose an approach that meets your deadlines.

Programs are available for individuals also. If you want to develop personally, but don’t feel like doing that within an organisational or group framework, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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