Conflict? Don’t tell me what to do!

… when the receiver is not tuned to the emitter frequency

A client describing a conflict situation:

— Imagine, last week there was a situation, where I told a colleague about a problem I am having. He didn’t even hear me out, and he was already like: “do this, do that, than go there, and…”

— Hmmm… 🙂 And?

— What do you think? I could feel the pressure rising. But like, really badly!

— I can imagine… What happened?

— I was really trying hard, not to yell his head off! He pissed me off so badly, I couldn’t even hear what he was saying after a while!

— I believe that too… So what happened? Did you nuke him?

— No, no… I realised what was going on inside me. I stopped him, and I told him, that I am extremely pissed by the way he is  scolding me. 

— What was his reaction?

— At first he was offended. But since I didn’t start yelling at him, as I usually do, he didn’t get too upset. He told me, that scolding me was far from his intentions. He was just brainstorming possible solutions…

— …

— This type of directive style, really has a horrible effect on me. It’s really good, that nowadays I manage to be mindful of it.

— What would have happened, if you don’t become aware of this fact?

— I would have yelled his head off!

— You know what’s the worst part of it all?

— ?

— You said it yourself: “after a while, I didn’t even hear what he was saying anymore”. And even so, without hearing what he has to say, you still would have yelled his head off!

— True…

— Isn’t it awful?

— It is…

konfliktus conflict
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Indeed, that’s the way we, humans, work. When stressed, we reveal our “patterns”, even if the stress is self-generated. This is what it looks like, when thinker energy meets persister energies. There is no conflict, but the transmitter is broadcasting on a different frequency, then what the receiver is tuned to. 

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