Quiet quitting Csendes kiégés

… when giving up is not giving up What a beautiful alliteration, that keeps showing up on my doorstep, more and more often nowadays. It seems that after surviving 2020, 2021, 2022 with it’s merciless waves of the great resignation, in 2023 even quitting can’t be great anymore. We just quietly shrivel up and mourn […]


önismeret self awareness

Why it’s good to have self-awareness, but mostly why it’s bad not to have some… Not once I hear from young leaders: “Erika, how do I let others know, that they should develop their self-awareness?”. Well? Good question… I usually tell them, that the lack of self-awareness is like a dirty sock. The one who […]


reziliencia resilience

… about safety nets So why has resilience become the buzzword of the pandemic? You would think it’s just one of those fads, that pop up and then quickly disappear, but no… Seems that this too, like COVID, is here to stay. What we need to be resilient, is to have and overall good feeling. […]