… about trusting life Few weeks back we went on a canoe tour. I never would have thought, that I will enjoy it so much, but nowadays I can barely wait for the early august canoe tours. It was in the “year of Corona”, that I first participated on such a boat trip. I knew […]


life failure scripts

… about our autopilot: freedom or failure? “You can’t go out and play, until you haven’t finished your homework!” — I heard my mom say so many times, during my childhood. True, that I have slammed each door on my way to my room — just so she can sense my dislike, the result was […]


… about life nowadays I woke up one day to find myself aged 30 years overnight. My body fails me, my head is spinning and I simply cannot gather the strength to pull myself out of bed. After the first wave of angst passes, I collect my thoughts and start analysing the situation. I am […]