(OMG) I BECAME A LEADER What makes a good leader? A story, about Mr.T. (no, not that one…) I started my day today calling Mr.T. I called him, because it was his birthday, and because I love him. I never would have thought that I will write these lines. Especially not after that early morning, […]



… about canaries in coal mines It’s not me, it’s you! aka, what leads to burnout? I was doing some research on the topic of burnout and I have come across the most interesting timeline in the history of psychology (probably not, but still…). We all know Zimbardo’s Stanford experiment. Turns out, the findings during […]


… about the new “normal” Who and when will define the new normal? It’s hanging in the aether around us for quite some time but somehow fails to appear before us. Or does it? Do we need external organisations or authority figures to define our new normal, or does this come from within, for all […]



… about singing “I got knocked down, but I got up again…” Resilience. The buzzword for 2020. After the race for TP ended, we got used to spending all day in our pyjamas, and ever so often thinking “it’s only Tuesday, where’s my whisky?”, there seems to be an invisible force trying to pull our […]


… about the wind in our sails There is a very nice analogy in buddhist philosophy, stating that even the mightiest ship can be sunk by the weight of the barnacles depositing on the ship’s hull, while out at sea. To keep the boat from sinking, one must ever so often set sail for fresh […]

Default privileges

… about the backhand of positive feedback Started tutoring my niece in math not long ago. She somehow came to the crazy idea, that she wants to be a bad*ss coder, therefore needs to be in a kick*ss high-school, where high level math and physics is needed for the entrance exams. (Might I say, no […]

the BOX

midlife career decisions

… about life’s meandering ways. Midlife dilemmas. I didn’t even get past the title and subtitle, and I’m already contradicting myself. I’ll elaborate… Bear with me. I was contemplating career paths, leadership roles and overall personal development. There seem to be two types of career animals. The ones who know exactly which evolutional path to […]

123 DAYS

… about trust I missed the 100 days deadline, but 123 days is much cooler, so here we go…  It’s been 123 days in my new function. Reflecting back on what has passed, trust comes in as the key topic. Where, within an organisation do we, as leaders put an emphasis on trust? We are […]

The ID and the EGO

ego and identity

The ID and the EGO … about how the mind wanders A few days back I participated in a workshop, where the trainer presented the Dilts pyramid. Seeing the ID at the top of the pyramid, I started wondering what the pyramid would look like, if at the top would be the EGO. It must […]