Autumn awareness awakening I understanding our personality

Every autumn, my heart sinks a little when summer clothes are replaced by winter clothes in the wardrobe. Letting go of those warm summer days, and the stories of those summer nights, many of use feel a strong sense of sadness. For many years, I lived my life like the swallows do, flying south to extend summer. With my travels, I just postponed my problems, delegating it for future me, to solve them. The bad feelings, however, did not pass…

In many cases, it’s not the overwriting of our feelings, that should be the target, but accepting them. Once I understood that my personality type’s biggest challenge was grief and letting go, I was able to accept the natural emotions that came with the changing of the seasons.

I came to accept, that autumn too, has its beauty. Slowing down and turning inward serves a purpose. The big summer social gatherings dissolve, but are replaced by intimate, self-reflective conversations. And that’s just fine.

Especially in these difficult and uncertain times, everyone needs a confidant.

Many times, understanding our personality is key, to figuring out the bad feelings we have inside. To turn to ourselves with compassion and allow ourselves to feel our emotions, rather than just compulsively overwriting them.

If you would like to better understand the innate emotions within you, join me for an individual self-awareness workshop.

Workshop fee: 45.000Ft.

The price includes:

– the personal profile fees

– a 3-hour individual coaching session, in which we analyse and interpret the emotions that arise, based on your personal profile

Take care of yourself!

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