for experts and engineers turned leaders

A combination of EXPERTize YOUrself and PCM®, supported by my professional career experience. Leadership development for conscious, self-identifying leaders of the future.

The science

Is based on the Personal Profile Inventory powered by PCM® – a.k.a. Process Communication Model. A great tool, which teaches you how to “tune” your communication channels. There is no universal truth in communication. What works well with one person, might be a complete miss for the next. One of the hardest tasks of a leader is to know the difference.

With PCM® you will be able to:
  • Observe and understand your own behaviour
  • Understand the behavior of others and know how to communicate with them effectively
  • Gain insight into your own stress behaviours
  • Analyse conflict and miscommunication and learn how to find resolution and return to an effective communication
  • Clearing blockers based on internal beliefs
leadership development

The benefit

By having a mentor at your side, you will never again have to feel alone with your dilemmas. The higher the stake of leadership decision, the smaller the circle this can be discussed with. When feeling numbed, an independent, non-judgemental partner can bring a considerable relief.

For the organisations

A 1:1 leadership development program can contribute to retention by:

  • Boosting motivation by targeted learning and support when faced with challenges
  • Increase problem-solving efficiency by increased self-assertion
  • Early diagnosis if the person is right for the position
  • Early diagnosis of stress mechanisms that can lead to burnout
leadership development