Quiet Quitting - Albert Erika coaching and mentoring

… when giving up is not giving up What a beautiful alliteration, that keeps showing up on my doorstep, more and more often nowadays. It seems that after surviving 2020, 2021, 2022 with it’s merciless waves of the great resignation, in 2023 even quitting can’t be great anymore. We just quietly shrivel up and mourn […]

the BOX

midlife career decisions

… about life’s meandering ways and midlife dilemmas. I was contemplating career paths, leadership roles and overall personal development. There seem to be two types of career animals. The ones who know exactly which evolutional path to follow, having a target position in mind and working with every cell of their being to reach that […]



Why it’s good to have self-awareness, but mostly why it’s bad not to have some… Not once I hear from young leaders: “Erika, how do I let others know, that they should develop their self-awareness?”. Well? Good question… I usually tell them, that the lack of self-awareness is like a dirty sock. The one who […]

The power of women’s community

női közösség

A few days ago I was taking a walk along the Danube with one of my girlfriends. We were talking about what strategies we have, now that we are over 40, for meeting new people. And we didn’t mean dating, simply meeting new potential girlfriends. When moving to Budapest we both left our hometowns behind, […]