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motivation Albert Erika coaching

On motivation

… what next? We all know, people can be internally or externally motivated. Before getting into a debate of which is better, I want to

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Quiet Quitting - Albert Erika coaching and mentoring


… when giving up is not giving up What a beautiful alliteration, that keeps showing up on my doorstep, more and more often nowadays. It

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the truth Albert Erika Coaching Training Mentoring

IN or OUT?

…the way out of the darkness A while back I was talking to a friend about “visibility” in the market. No matter what profession you

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ego and identity

The ID and the EGO

… about how the mind wanders A few days back I participated in a workshop, where the trainer presented the Dilts pyramid. Seeing the ID

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midlife career decisions

the BOX

… about life’s meandering ways and midlife dilemmas. I was contemplating career paths, leadership roles and overall personal development. There seem to be two types

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