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Many times I hear, that we need to define clear boundaries between our work lives and private lives. While true in most aspects, I would take that statement with a grain of salt. Making clear rules to what is allowed and what is not allowed, can be a way to deprive ourselves of great experiences heading our way. So while hard at work, take time to play. And when you feel playful, look around for those other lost souls looking for the same type of mischievous connection you are craving for. You never know what might come your way. Ever so often, you will meet people, who you know, that they can only add value to your life. So if you meet them at work, make sure to not put them in the “work” box. Especially nowadays, with all of us being sent to our corners, meaningful connections are hard to find. So if it wasn’t on your to do list until now, take the opportunity to make your work connections a bit more meaningful. 

I spent the last few weeks vacationing with three of my favourite people on this planet. The one common thing between all of them: all I met at (through) work. 15/8/3 year down the road all I can say: may the light of your love forever shine down on me.

I am blessed and grateful to have had the “luck” of meeting you.

To: Sebastian, Markus and Elias. 

“You are worth every mile between us…”

- random internet quote
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