… about the “new year, new me”

Well, not exactly new me, but definitely better. Let’s keep our fingers crossed… 

So, while trying to plan out my 2021, I started making a list of focus topics, to have a reminder of what is truly important. 2020 was an overall better than average year, so most things I’ve learned need to be carried over to the new year and kept in focus, until they become habits. What I’ve learned in 2020 and plan to continue in 2021:

Love more. Who? Doesn’t matter. Everybody! All relationships I went in with an open heart, I was met with an open heart. No if/then-s, no maybes, just accept all as they are and love them for who they are. If they have a place in your life they will stay, if not, they will move on, no harm done.

Boundaries. Set them and keep them. Both mine and others. No, you cannot set a meeting in my lunch-break, no more business calls after 6PM and definitely no infringement of my right to be who I choose to be.

Spend (more) time in nature. Not in fancy resorts or picture-perfect beaches, just a book on the nearby hilltop or a long hike in the forrest. Appreciate what’s left of it while it lasts.

Be nice to people. Even the ones I don’t like. Especially to the ones I don’t like! 

Don’t complain. We all get lost in the big injustices of life, especially the ones we feel are directly targeted at us (from which 99,9% are not). We wine, we lament and start a crusade against the universe. With little to no outcome except making ourselves feel miserable. Just don’t…

“First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.”

© 2021 Albert Erika. All rights reserved.

Volunteer more. When you need meaning and purpose but can’t find it in the daily work. Duh… More, more, more, more! Will be good not only for me, but also others. 

Stop working instead of others. Well, we all get our egos boosted when we hear: “but no one can do it as good, fast, precise…. as you can…”. How cute! Dear Ego, please take a long vacation and let someone else learn how to! (Quote Hank Moody: Right you are Mothaf***aaaaaa!!!!)

Focus on long term career goals. Yes, please! We all tend to be pulled back to projects where we can be most efficiently “utilised”. This does not mean, we can’t wish for more. Just put the heart where the focus is and eventually old ways will just fade out. No relationship can survive when the heart is elsewhere, and this includes business too.

Save more and learn more. These are constants and the goal should only be the quantification for each year. 

Don’t stress. Good one. We’ll see how that one goes. 🙂 Maybe by doing all of the above, it will work itself out. 

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