… about the wind in our sails

There is a very nice analogy in buddhist philosophy, stating that even the mightiest ship can be sunk by the weight of the barnacles depositing on the ship’s hull, while out at sea. To keep the boat from sinking, one must ever so often set sail for fresh water, where the barnacles clear from the ship.

Nice, right? Makes you think… How many of us feel at times, that the ballast is bringing us down? Baggage, history, obligations, our duty. How often do we get the chance to set sail for fresh water? Spend some “me time” there, get rid of the ballast and return to sea with a clean hull, smoothly cutting the waves. 

I have had the privilege in my life, to have the wind in my sails, that would take me to fresh water. No matter how many times I felt that I was going under, the wind came and brought me to the delta, allowing me to soak until I was ready to set sail again. And every time, the day came, when I could, with fresh power set sail, and face the mighty seas again. The breeze was a good leader. My leader was a good breeze.

But what do you do, if the breeze goes out of your sails? Do you sail the seas, until the weight you carry will be heavy enough to quietly bring you under? Can you bring yourself to leave shore? Or you just become one of many, mighty, beautiful, shored gostships? 

“It does not matter what you bear, but how you bear it.”

- Seneca
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